Support State and Local Parties

Precinct based organizing is critical to taking the offensive on the political landscape.  Supporting state and local party committees lets us put resources directly in the hands of the folks knocking on doors and connecting with voters - not just talking at them but listening to them and hearing their concerns, fears, hopes and dreams.  Putting our issues front and center can connect voters directly to our values and principles.


Empower Progressive Candidates and Movement Leaders

Our elected leaders and our citizen movement makers need to know that we have their back as they fight the good fight for our values.  We provide resources and experience to those who are seeking office, serving already, or challenging the norm by striking out against those who would do our principles harm.


Strengthen Progressive Allied Groups and Resistance Movements

We know we can’t do this alone and that organizing takes on many forms.  We support allies and movements that align with our progressive values, give voice to the concerns of millions of Americans, and put solutions in the hands of our elected leaders.