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Stronger States is a mission driven and grassroots focused political action committee determined to strengthen our Democratic party in our communities and our states.

The ideals and principles of our party are under attack every day in Washington and in state houses and city halls across America.  We need to push back against the wrong-headed leadership coming from Washington and rebuild our Democratic bench.

We know that this begins at the state and local level, and not in Washington.  Strategic decisions can’t simply be DC-centric or top-down driven.

Stronger States provides results driven resources and prioritizes programs that support grassroots involvement; recruits and trains candidates; holds Republicans accountable; and focuses on community fueled field efforts.

We support good candidates, state and local parties, activist organizations and progressive allies who support our values.

Stronger States was founded by experienced, battle-tested Democratic strategists and party leaders who are committed to empowering our communities and building a party committed to our shared values and principles.